Itchen Valley Lacemakers
Itchen Valley Lacemakers

2019 Programme

December 7th  - Christmas workshops


2020 Programme

January 4th - UFO


February 1st - Lace day


March 7th - Battenberg self help


April 4th - UFO and sales table


May 2nd - starting crochet & self help 


June 6th  - Birthday meeting


July 4th - Tatting workshop


August 1st - Hardanger self-help


September 5th - Whitework


October 3rd - UFO & Sales table


November 7th - AGM & raffle


December 5th - Christmas workshops




If you would like to take part in a Workshop listed above, please sign up at least a month in advance so the tutor has time to plan any resources, if you are not a member, please use the Contact form. 


The Workshop cost is payable in advance and generally non-returnable. Some Workshops may require you to buy materials which are not included in the cost.


Next Meeting

7 December 2019


Do join us at our last meeting before Christmas. There will be a few mini workshops - quick craft ideas to try. There may also be mince pies.




 If you wish to learn bobbin lacemaking, or return after a long break, our members are very happy to help get you started (or restarted!). Please use the Contact Form to let us know you are interested.  

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