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Welcome to the Itchen Valley Lacemakers web site.  


We are a friendly, self-help group. At each meeting there is usually someone who might know something about solving a problem with a project. We are not just lace though. Members bring a variety of craft projects to work on, you can often see needlelace, tatting, embroidery, hardanger, cross stitch, cards, knitting, crochet, beading and more!  


We meet on the first Saturday of each month from 10am to 4pm at St Denys Church Centre, Southampton, SO17 2ND, please see the calendar for details of particular meetings.


New members of all ages and abilities are always welcome, please use the Contact Form to find out more.  



To attend a meeting as a Visitor will cost £7.50, although your first visit, while you try us out, would be free.


Next Meeting

4 May 2024



Once a year we put aside tables to have an exhibition of items we have worked on during the last year. There are two categories: lace and any other craft, so it can be really quite varied. We raise money for charity by placing a coin (of any value) against the item we like the best in each category. The charity gets the money and the winners are the ones with the most coins which isn't necessarily the one that raises the most money.


Complete Beginner

 If you wish to learn bobbin lacemaking from scratch please contact us before attending so we can make sure that someone who is comfortable with both teaching AND the reduced social distancing required to effectively do so is going to be avaiable.

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